Monday, April 9, 2012

A new dress and a picnic

I made myself a new dress last week. The fabric is Liberty of London (treat yo' self). It turned out pretty good! I took a bunch of pics modeling it while Amelia was napping...
My sister will no doubt give me tons of grief for posting these silly pictures.
and this dress will be great for when there is another you-know-what on the way!
Then we took ourselves to the park for a picnic, ha! look at A's face in this one....
I have her hat all goofy so it would shade her face...
Hope you all had a great Easter weekend! We had some lovely songs to sing in the choir at church yesterday, thanks to my mom for surprising me and coming to hear me sing!


  1. i like that dress! I want to make one becauase guess what???? i DO have a you-know-what on the way =].

    amelia is just soooo cute. and sooo funny. those stiff weggies

  2. Cute dress - & Amelia is always so happy! Glad your Easter was good.