Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TV! *

haven't mentioned this much before but around here, paul and I GET DOWN on some TV WATCHING. After Boobus goes to bed we like to enjoy an hour or two of our favorite shows, or try out new shows. A series that just started on HBO called "Girls" is a new favorite. It is only two episodes in and it is really hitting the nail on the head for "my generation". On HBO  so of course there's plenty of naughty bits, but it's more amusing than obnoxiously gratuitous. heres a link to a little preview/behind the scenes from last night's episode.
* let me expand: It's not the particular subject matter I'm referring to, (I'm not a fan of promiscuity or abortions). I'm just finding the relationships and communication style featured in this show both amusing and strangely familiar. for me. 

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