Friday, April 13, 2012

today i am

not feeling so great. Most of you know that I have these sinus and coughing issues due to what i thought was allergies. well I went to the allergy doc on Tuesday and it turns out, I don't have allergies. ? So I am trying out this nasal spray and hoping that it will help my "rhinitis" which is i guess what you call allergy symptoms when they are not allergies. So yesterday and today it seems like things have gotten worse, my throat is killin, I got so much mucus in my chest and I just feel yucky. I hate it bc over all I am a pretty healthy gal! and I hate that these symptoms interfere with my life on a daily basis. so lame.
And I really need my energy right now! We are giving my brother's fiance Amy a shower tomorrow at my house that I'm so excited about and I gotta get this house clean and make food etc. Which is one of my favorite activities, but it takes energy. not to mention taking care of miss A. IT'S A LOT OF WORK!
Thank goodness Meg is coming over today to help.
Also every time I look in the mirror I'm like "ew", I could use a little beauty maintenance.
ok wish me luck

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  1. I hope you are better & the shower went well.