Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday night

Thanks to an awesome Grandma Tina and Papa Brit, Paul and I got to go out and celebrate Justin's 30th Birthday! we love this guy...

We went to Smoke restaurant at the Belmont Hotel, We have been wanting to go there for sometime now so we were excited! It was delicious 

IMG_2224 IMG_2230IMG_2231IMG_2233IMG_2240IMG_2246IMG_2247 
Paul got " the big rib," that's exactly what it was, yes people that is one XXXL rib! 
IMG_2251 IMG_2252 
view from the Belmont bar
It really felt so good to get a chance to just be out with my hubby, havin a couple drinks and relaxing. This was my first time to be at a bar in probably like 9 months or more, it was crazy! We had a really great time so thank you again Tina and Barry. Amelia was a good girl and stayed asleep in her bed through the night that night causing no trouble for the grandparents AND letting mommy sleep through the night when we got back too. 
How fabulous... 


  1. These are great pictures! Justin is lookin all fit and stuff and of course, you and P are looking dashing.

    1. we want to go here with you guys! you will like...

  2. I am just happy that it all worked so well. Justin is looking good!