Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Guys... : (

I am so extremely embarrased to be having to tell you this, I missed my flight this morning. I didnt actually miss it, i was just too late to the check in counter and they wouldnt let me go to the plane. I feel like such a freaking IDIOT. Just horrible. So now I am wasting money and staying in a hotel at the airport and I will be home tomorrow thanks to my unbelievable husband who woke up at 4 am this morning when I called him to deal with my pathetic self, and get everything sorted for me. I feel so awful right now.
The trip went really well and I have tons of great pictures and thoughts to share, I will be glad when I am home and I can try to get over this mishap.
Ill be fine later, when I get home to him.

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  1. oh dear, no worries. you'll be home in no time. thanks to the wonderful men in our life... we're rather lucky!