Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's my friend Amanda's Birthday

Hey! It's Amanda's birthday today and it's this little cutie right here (see below). I especially like this pic because she is psyched for a night of craziness that was, my bachelorette party. She stuck it out through prayer teams, dance parties in 100 degree heat and even hippie ghost busses. I wanted to give her a birthday shout out and congratulate her on being: gracious, thoughtful, and always looking put together in this playful cool way, AND on being 25 today!!

...and this is what she gets next time she sees me! Her little birthday Halloween pale of goodies. I love making Halloween themed birthday presents because I too am an October birthday and I have always had Halloween themed parties and stuff.

and I have more birthday love to give out, stay tuned...

1 comment:

  1. HA... You are undoubtedly too kind for words. You have single handedly made this 25th Day of Birth one to remember. Thank You Dear!

    ... oh boy, I this is my first blog debut. I have nerves!!

    I have Rome centered questions... Your looming departure, when you return, possible lunch date before you're jet set, your Birthday plans, etc. I'll be calling momentarily...