Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ciaociao, (everyone says "ciaociao".. it's the best part about trying to speak italian)

Allora, I've always heard that Venezia was once a gorgeous special place that has been transformed into a dirty tourist site that smells and is not worth visiting.
This is completely falso.
True, there are beaucoups di touristi and your average amount of trash/graffiti.. but nothing could ever be powerful enough to steal away the indescribable beauty of this place.
I'm making these declarations from my personal experiences this past weekend.. where I spent two days of furious and exhausting Super Tripping in this amazing city.
la Basilica di Santo Marco = breathtaking (my advice: get to the square before 8am to experience the magnificence SENZA the vendors selling your usual crap and masses of crowds)
la Galleria dell' Accademia = also fabulous, and if you have a european school ID that has the word "Art" on it anywhere you get in fo freeeeee
Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari = Very interesting, a church literally stuffed to the brim of art work that doesn't even seem to match, huge ceilings etc.. also in a square full of excellently quaint over priced stores
La Piazza della Margherita = an adorable less populated square where you will find tanti bambini playing and benches and trees where you can write in your journal and doze

Other info:
- The food is not that great, instead of spending too many euro's on a real meal, live off the kebab's (not even kidding) that are sold at almost every pizza place and SOOO GOOD
- There are a ridiculous amount of Americans there, so if you want a real Italian immersion experience, also plan to visit another city that doesn't ignore your poor italian and speak to you in inglese.
- Walk to the point of the harbor, even tho it is a beating of a walk, and you will get lost (we literally found ourselves walking in circles), it is so worth it, esp at night

Baci da Ortigia!


  1. what a great post about Venice, i love how your so Italian now you just mush english and italian together. pretty cool.

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  3. Meg, so happy to see that you're still holding down the blogging front from Italy. Your travels thus far sound delightful. Be safe