Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ciao! It really is fun to say that, especially when you are in Rome! The trip went really well. Meg and I walked our butts off all over that city! Let me tell you my feet and legs were really feelin the pain, TOMS are not the best choice for walking on cobbled streets. It was so cool to just walk through that gorgeous city and come upon these amazing, ancient, world famous landmarks! We were so lucky to have gorgeous weather, it was brisk in the shade but when you stepped into the sun it was so nice. We kept saying to ourselves "This is just like New York City" except all the buildings are old and much more picturesque.
I have some pictures here, but I will put them all on an FB album.

Meg was searching for some ties in this little vintage shop, the ties were 5 euro, which was a pretty good deal.

And here is famous Trevi Fountain, we had dinner in this area on my birthday and it was really cool to see the fountain at night. It was really busy here, and pretty much everywhere in the city.

One of the many gorgeous churches we got to see, I especially loved the mosaic murals

Here's that famous Gelato, honestly I wasn't overwhelmed with it, I mean it was very good, but I think you can get cream to that caliber here pretty easily.
It sure is fun to look at...

Meg and I were happy girls to stumble upon this H&M, though much more expensive in Europe than in the US, it was still fun to pick up some treasures. (I got a cute sweater, a dress, and a simple white turtle neck.)

Here is our hilarious and adorable loud Italian lady who was the owner of the tiny hotel we stayed in. She got up every morning to get breakfast ready for all the guests. She didn't speak a lick of English, good thing I had Meg.

A good example of what pretty much every building looked like.
I'll have lots more photos on FB, it's hard to pick just few, it is pretty slow to upload them here.

Italy seems so beautiful and I hope to return again someday! I brought back some goodies, mostly cute paper goods like stationary and stuff, I think I love shopping the most about traveling, and getting decent pictures of the sites.

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  1. Oh my goodness. It seems that you had a rather lovely trip. I cannot wait to hear all the little details. Let's find a time for dinner before Thursday (I head to NYC that morning). Talk to you soon!