Friday, October 9, 2009

Excellent Night in Dallas

I mean, look how excited those twins are! My mom (in red) and my Aunt Carol, (we call her Soo Soo) went out last night to "Slocum Street Style" which is an event where vendors in the design district open their doors and serve wine and little yummy treats to people! The whole evening was wonderful and I have to thank my Soo Soo for being so hip and knowing about these fun things. She went last year too.

The majority of our time was spent freaking out in this trim store, because everything in there was unbelievable, and as we found out and got to see, all handmade right there in the freaking store! And this stuff was insanely awesome. We all bought something and took it home with us because this event is the only opportunity a poor little regular customer can buy their stuff. You see, they sell to the trade only...
You can see my treasures below

This stuff was handmade right there! I am so excited to make something and embellish it with these beautiful trims, and a little nervous because I want to make sure I am giving the trim what it is due, the pressure is on! These pieces cost me about 30 dollars combined, they are half a yard each, so it was pretty pricey but you just can't pass that up.
Don't worry I'll keep you "posted" on the progress. (wink)


  1. i'm so excited to see what u do with these?
    imagine making a really cool pocket. i am also a creative person.

  2. hahahahaah i am laughinngggg at mom's face.

    did soos cut her hair off?