Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Weekend in Austin (check out meg's post below)

Well Paul and I enjoyed ourselves in Austin as we always do when we spend time with my brother. We always end up drinking tons of beer, eating way too much food (delicious fried stuffed avocados etc...), and usually seeing a couple shows.

This weekend was ACL and unfortunately the weather was a total bummer all weekend, and so we passed on attending the actual outdoor festival (i'm a weenie when it comes to being cold and stuck outside), too bad bc the festival is one of my all time favorite activities, been attending since I was 18 now... BUT! that did not stop us from seeing Dr. Dog and Here we go Magic at the Parish, and then Beach House and Grizzly Bear (Greg was pumped about these guys, they have a new song with Michael McDonald-the old white haired guy, we had fun doing impressions of him all night) on Saturday night at Emo's.

I enjoyed the concerts but did not fall in love with any of the bands, but I would totally add their cd's to my library.
I also rocked my blazer like all weekend, and felt great.

oh yah! We spotted LUKE WILSON at Whole Foods!! It was so exciting, he had a huge beard and hat and sunglasses and i STILL recognized him, and then we heard his voice and totally knew it was him. Pretty fun, I waved but he didn't wave back. Love me a Wilson brother...


  1. Girl, looks like you enjoyed yourself this past weekend. I'm ever so disappointed that I was not in tow. There will be a next year...

  2. I love to see what you and the family are doing, but I really enjoying seeing your AMAZING fashion ideas. FYI...totally made myself some new skinny jeans out of a pair of jeans I never wear. Great idea Suzanne.